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Knowing The Hidden Meaning Behind Beautiful Gemstones Jewelry

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Jewelry is a personal affair that forms a connection with its wearer. The spark that gemstones jewelry ignites is seldom found in other possessions. Whether it’s a pendant or a drop earring, jewelry complements a person’s beauty and brightens up the attire. Every gemstone, every design and every detail tell a story. It forms an attachment with the wearer which is very valuable. There are a wide variety of gemstones in different shapes and colors. They are not just aesthetically beautiful but each of them has a unique significance in terms of mystical, psychological and historical properties.


  • Amethyst

Amethyst is an exquisite purple stone which is believed to have intoxicating powers. It keeps the wearer’s head calm and clear. It stands for wit and clarity. This gemstone is available in different shapes and is widely used for pendants. It's charming looks enhance every attire. This prized gem is the birthstone for Pisces.

 Amethyst earrings

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Amethyst is believed to be a stone which has auspicious properties. It protects the wearer from diseases, drives out fear, increases intelligence, controls negative thoughts and brings forth aspirations. Its healing properties are evident from its usage in traditional Chinese medication. This very gemstone was a symbol of humility and modesty during the Renaissance period.

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  • Onyx


Black is a classic color which never goes out of style. Onyx is popularly known to be a black stone but it is available in other shades as well, like brown, red, and white. Matching up an Onyx pendant with an evening gown will be an elegant choice.


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This gem is the birthstone for Leos. It is a protective stone which is believed to tackle all kinds of obstructions, conflicts and battles. It maintains relationships and brings harmony to lives. It imparts energy during difficult times, which enables its users to gain confidence and make informed decisions. This lustrous black stone also alleviates stress and nervousness.



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  • Opal


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Once known as ‘The Queen of Gems’, Opal is an exceptionally beautiful stone which displays a plethora of colors blended in unison. The world Opal means a change of colors. Flashes of blue, streaks of red, dots of yellow, and all other varying colors of the rainbow in endless combinations make up each Opal stone exclusively. This stone has a rich history which symbolizes it for assurance and fidelity. Like other precious gemstones, Opal too has therapeutic properties. Every color in an Opal contributes it`s unique properties to the stone that benefits its wearer.


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  • Malachite


Malachite is a healing stone which can uplift the spirits of the wearer. It is a powerful transformational crystal which negates any negativity that may be troubling the wearer. Depending on the content and percentage of minerals, it is found in various shades. Representing the greens of nature, Malachite stands for trees, roots, flowers, leaves and the innate beauty of nature.


This stone connects the wearer with nature and that helps the wearer get rid of fear. It is known to eliminate the fear of flying from its wearer. Also, it improves the thought process and brings about clarification.


  • Agate


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Agate is a classic gemstone which connects with the physical power of the wearer and increases the inner strength. Its healing properties instill confidence and increase focus. It is available in a wide array of colors like red, orange, brown, yellow, black, grey-blue, white, violet and more. Some of the common types of agate stones are blue lace agate, fire agate, dendritic agate, laguna agate, moss agate and more.


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People who travel often could benefit from this gemstone as it protects the wearer during journeys and gives personal security.


  • Lapis Lazuli

                            lapis lazuli

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Also known as the ‘Blue Stone’, this incredible stone is a treasured gemstone which is valued for its aesthetics and medicinal values. It has been in use since the Middle Ages for its beneficial properties. The midnight sky look of Lapis Lazuli is also known to keep away fear and envy. It is representative of honor and royalty.


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This powerful crystal encourages its wearer, enhances friendships and ensures peace. Temperamental teenagers, people with frequent mood swings and short temper could greatly benefit from Lapis Lazuli because this gemstone promotes their emotional energy.



  • Quartz

One of the most popular gemstones, Quartz, comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. It finds application in jewelry, glass making and several other fields. Having Quart jewelry is a must for every woman. It highly complements the look of the wearer. It is the national gem of Scotland and it is the birthstone for Scorpions.


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The mystical powers of this beautiful and rare brown stone are believed be a symbol of human intelligence and spirits. It neutralizes energy, brings it to a balance and controls emotions. It releases anger, fear and boosts the mood of the wearer.


Gemstone jewelry can be matched with any kind of outfit. Whether you wear a little black dress or an evening gown, gemstone jewelry can amplify your beauty. You can brace it with a pair of earrings or a necklace studded with gemstones. The jewelry will complement the outfit and make you look gorgeous. You can also gift your sister, friend or mother with exceptional gemstone jewelry. You could choose a gemstone based on their favorite color, zodiac sign or something that represents your bond with them.


The power of gemstones is truly astonishing. They are exotic stones that impart a look of elegance. You can choose a gemstone for your necklace, pendant or earrings based on your zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign is assigned with a gemstone that has a thoughtful and mystical meaning behind it. This is one of the reasons why gemstones are used exclusively and extensively in making jewelry. However, you can choose your gemstones without going into its meaning as well. The plethora of colors that these beautiful gemstones radiate, can enhance your beauty. Their sparkle and extraordinary appearance never cease to make a great impression. No matter where your belief lies, gemstones can surely make a significant change in your life.



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